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The Pride Committee shall seek to develop public understanding of the purpose and programs of the Association;. It shall be the connection with the community of Wyckoff. It shall develop procedures by which the Association can present information through newspapers, radio, television, and other mass media and work cooperatively with the public in civic and social organizations. It shall prepare a PRIDE proposal to be submitted to NJEA by the end of August of each year. The committee shall be represented by two members from each building. The chairperson(s) will be compensated for this position.

PRIDE Activities

Judy Witte was awarded a plaque from the PTO for all her efforts for the Lincoln School Reading Program.

Read Across America

In honor of Read Across America Newbery and Caldecott Award books have been donated to each school's media center and the Wyckoff Public Library.

To commemorate Read Across America Day, Washington School took part in many special events. The Honors Senior English classes from Ramapo High School were invited to celebrate with book presentations to generate enthusiasm for reading. Each student was given a special pencil and our Media Center will be given the 2005 Caldecott and Newberry Award winning books all donated by the Pride Committee of the WEA.

Each specialist at Washington School collaborated on unique and creative activities. Dr. Seuss always believed, “Children want the same things we want. To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained and delighted.” What better way is there to fulfill these desires, than through a book?


The PRIDE committee is devoted to increasing communication and interaction between the WEA, the community, the Wyckoff Board of Education and the parents. PRIDE promotes the collaboration and support of community and districtwide events. We heighten the awareness of excellence in the Wyckoff Public Schools while fostering a closer relationship with our parents throughout the year. This is all done through a grant awarded to us by NJEA.

Many projects are conducted throughout the year. During the fall, our families were given notepads and “100 Ways to Praise Your Child” magnets when attending workshops and conferences. A special breakfast was held for our parent volunteers hosted by the Media Centers in each of our schools.

During the winter months, Eisenhower held a “Bullying” workshop for its parents. At that workshop, pads and special magnets were distributed. Coffee mugs were purchased for those who participated in the Eisenhower Book Club, as well as mousepads that were distributed during February School Spirit Week at Eisenhower. Also, a reading class at Eisenhower invited their significant “seniors” to join them in an academic sharing lesson and a special lunch afterwards, paid for by PRIDE.

On March 2nd, 2005 every student in the district was given a commemorative pencil to celebrate “Read Across America” day. The 2005 Caldecott and Newberry Award winning books were also donated to each school’s library.
Our upcoming projects include a thank-you brunch for all the volunteers who work at each Media Center. We will also be congratulating our eighth grade graduates with a special commemorative pin to wear on graduation day.
We are now beginning to plan next year’s activities and expand on our ideas for the 2005 - 2006 school year.

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