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ATTENTION: The Division of Pensions and Benefits is implementing a
significant change to the retirement application process.
Effective October 1, 2012, all Applications for Retirement must be
submitted online using the Retirement Application program of the Member
Benefits Online System (MBOS).
Click Here to Download Information about the Application Process

New Licensing Codes effective January 5, 2009

Arrest Reporting Requirements for Certificated Staff: N.J.A.C. 6A:9-17.1(c), a new subsection, requires that certificate holders report to their superintendent within 14 days if they are arrested or indicted for any crime or offense by any jurisdiction, and to report within seven days the final disposition of such charges. In addition, this new section requires school districts to make the reporting requirements known to certificate holders. The new subsection reads as follows:

"All certificate holders shall report their arrest or indictment for any crime or offense to their superintendent within 14 calendar days. The report shall include the date of arrest or indictment and charge(s) lodged against the certificate holder. Such certificate holders shall also report to their superintendents the disposition of any charges within seven calendar days of disposition. Failure to comply with these reporting requirements may be deemed "just cause" pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:9-17.5. School districts shall make these requirements known to all new employees and to all employees on an annual basis."

Any district response to a report of an arrest and possible conviction should be guided by N.J.A.C. 6A:9-17.4, District reporting responsibility.

Key points:
1. This applies to all certificate holders, not just those who are in a position requiring a certificate.
2. Failure to comply with this reporting requirement constitutes "just cause" pursuant to 6A:9-17.5.
3. N.J.A.C. 6A:9-17A is the section of code that authorizes the Board of Examiners to issue an order to show cause as part of a certificate revocation proceeding.

Substitute Teachers:
An amendment to the code will now require that the chief school administrators notify the Board of Examiners when substitute teachers in their employ resign, retire or are removed from their positions because of accusations of criminal charges or unbecoming conduct. This is in addition to similar existing requirements pertaining to tenured and nontenured staff members. This amendment is needed because the Board of Examiners is now officially responsible for issuing, suspending, and revoking substitute credentials.

STAFF VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE IN DR. JANET RAZZE. It is with regret that the Wyckoff Education Association is forced to take a vote of no confidence in the district’s superintendent, Dr. Janet Razze. June 15, 2009 Click here to download the official WEA document. (Please note - as of September, 2010 Dr. Razze is no longer Superintendent of the Wyckoff Public Schools.)

Kathy Bowers address to the January 21, 2008 BOE Meeting

Changes to Pension Loans for 2008
Click Here to Download Information

The WEA Supports the
Wyckoff Education Foundation's Fun Run

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July 14, 2007
Asbestos at Sicomac School

To All WEA Members;
As many of you are aware there was a very unfortunate occurrence at Sicomac School on July 3, 2007.  During the removal of old carpet, in room 301, the original tiles under the carpet were disturbed.  The workmen, not realizing the tiles were asbestos, proceeded to remove all the tiles and dispose of them improperly.  When other workers on the site realized the potential danger, Turner Construction, who oversees all the construction at all the schools, was contacted.  Turner Construction Company contacted the BOE office at approximately 11am.  Glenn O'Neil, the Buildings and Grounds Supervisor at that time, inspected the area and instructed the workers to return the tiles to the rear of the classroom.  Conklin Construction Company instructed their workmen to leave the building and not return until testing was completed.  For close to four hours, the Wyckoff teachers, administrators, and custodians, continued to work in a building that was suspect to asbestos.  Due to negligence, the Sicomac staff was never instructed to evacuate the building until close to three o'clock when Debbie Kirsch phoned the Board office. It was only then that she was informed about the situation at her school.
The tiles tested positive for asbestos.   The tiles have since been properly disposed of, the proper authorities have cleaned the area, and on July 10, 2007, the air tested clear of airborne asbestos.  The building was reopened Wednesday morning.

Rob and I have met with many of the personnel involved, attended the Friday meeting at the BOE office, and received counsel from NJEA.  At this time, it is in the best interest of all staff members that were involved to speak to their doctor, file a claim with Workman's Comp and receive a base-line chest x-ray.  In addition, the WEA, in conjunction with NJEA is obtaining the services of The Work Environmental Council (WEC) who will conduct a private asbestos analysis of all Wyckoff Schools.  WEC will continue to test the air quality throughout the term of construction. 
We are in contact with the Administration and we will not permit the health of any Wyckoff staff member to be compromised at any time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either Rob LaMorte or myself.

Kathy Bowers
WEA Co-President


wear red



WEA Members Wear Red To Support the American Heart Association's Women's Initiative. The WEA Raised $1,068, February, 2007. Click here to see pictures of WEA members.




Special Session Updates
Another non-productive day in the Senate on Monday, January 22 meant success for NJEA.

S-16 legislation dealing with “defined contributions” for new members and caps on sick banks and vacation days is dead.  Replaced by S-17 which excludes all school employees except Superintendents.

The CORE PLAN and a county-wide pilot school district are also dead.  Great work by a fantastic team!!!


Still to come up on (possibly) January 25, 29 or 30, with no official bill number - as of today - this draft legislation would provide property tax relief with a hard 4% tax levy cap.  This bill draft places major checks on school spending including, but not limited to, increases in health benefit costs and for waiver questions in the 2008 school year, and thereafter would require a 60% approval by voters.

Please call your legislators and tell them to work with NJEA to expand the cap exemptions.


The WEA Honors Maddie Meyer
December, 2006

meyer meyer2



Photographs from the WEA Dinner - May 3, 2006

The American Heart Association thanked the WEA for coordinating the Wear Red Campaign in support of woman's health

Politicians mention there ís some tension about your pension!
Recently, some elected officials have referred to teacher and school employees' benefits as an entitlement that is busting the state budget. Entitlement? Who are they kidding? To call our pension an entitlement is an affront to active and retired educators and education support professionals who have dedicated their lives to kids and the public schools.

A pension or post-retirement health benefit is not an ìentitlement. Teachers and school employees have earned those compensations by teaching or serving children for at least 25 years in New Jersey's public schools and county colleges.

No one works in the field of education in order to get rich. Teaching and working with children is demanding, challenging work. Pensions and benefits are a necessary part of the compensation package if New Jersey is to attract and retain professionals in our schools.

If anything is busting the state budget, it is the sky-rocketing cost of health care. Until we address this national crisis, the State of New Jersey, like all employers, will face escalating costs.

Tell your elected leaders to stop playing the blame game! Did you know that the State of New Jersey has been skipping payments to its employees' pension funds for years? Now, it blames hard-working teachers and school employees for its negligence. That's a shameful response to a serious problem that the State itself created.

Let your elected leaders know that this is unacceptable! Go to Click on Legislative Action/Cyberlobbying and enter your PIN and password to log in. You will see an action alert entitled Pension Tensions.Click Take Action! to send a message to legislative leaders today!




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